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If you value elegance, but want your case to be practical, choose Forcell wallet case. The front of the phone is covered with a flap. The back is protected by a synthetic, fabric, or artificial leather pad. The case, apart from protecting the phone, may serve as a wallet thanks to additional slots for documents or cards. Bending the front flap allows placing the smartphone in a horizontal position to use the internet conveniently.

Ultra Slim M4

It has a Velcro fastener and built-in tape for sliding the phone out of the case.

Forcell Elegance

It has a slot where you can keep your documents. It can be bent to form a stand.

Flip Case Slim Flexi Fresh

The holster has a middle pocket for storing necessary documents. Closing on the double magnet.

Forcell Silk

A modern book case with magnetic closure. It ensures high-quality protection and usability.