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Forcell Cases

A slim case allows preserving the original design of the device. It does not make the phone appear thicker, it does not cover the screen, and is a great choice if you use your smartphone for work. It can protect the back or the edges of the device. You can choose between classic silicone cases and modern soft bumper ones.

Forcell cases add style and elegance to your smartphone. Choose among different patterns and colors.

Forcell Shining

Shimmering dust on the back makes the case stand out.

Forcell Marble

A case in a feminine style. Made of the epoxy material.

Forcell Silicone

Its matte rubberized construction prevents you from dropping your smartphone accidentally.

Forcell Silicone LITE

With matt structure that has anti-slip properties. Soft finish inside the case.

Forcell New Electro

A TPU case with a colorful frame.

Forcell New Electro Matt

With matt finish. It has the tabs on the back to prevent the formation of water vapor.

Forcell Glass Premium

Made of TPU and tempered glass (9H). It is resistant to dirt and allows inductive charging.

Forcell Ring

With useful ring that can be used as a TV stand or a metal plate to the car. Spider web structure inside the case absorbs shocks.

Forcell Diamond

A case with a flower motif and shining crystals.

Forcell Cord

Adjustable string to wear on the neck. Reinforced edges for additional protection.